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Brought into the world with a remarkable name, Andy Brandy Casagrande, Andy developed to be an extremely unprecedented individual as well. His energy for sharks drove him into the street of experience and adulation. Today, he is one of the world’s most persuasive natural life cinematographers with two Emmy in his belt.Andy ventures to the far corners of the planet to shoot film of natural life for a portion of the world’s top TV stations like BBC and Animal World. What might have occurred if Andy hasn’t pursued his energy? – It is difficult to tell, yet be surely wouldn’t have the name and notoriety of today. Andy’s life instructs us to set out and intrepid and furthermore, consistently pursue your heart.Prior to jumping into Andy’s life, let us know him quickly through this fast outline.

Fullname: Andy Brandy Casagrande
Age: 42 years starting at 2019
Birth Date: October 21, 1977
Birth sign: Libra
Birth Place: New York City
Parents: Not Known
Kids: Two
Education: California State University
Profession: Cinematographer/Producer
Net Worth: $4 Million
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: American
Conjugal Status: Married
Wife: Emma Walfridsson
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter

Wiki Bio of Andy Casagrande
You may blast into a little snicker in the wake of hearing Andy Casagrande’s complete name – Andy Brandy Casagrande IV, overpowering, yes?Andy is a New York kid, conceived in New York City on October 21, 1977. Informations on his initial life and training in New York is yet to be known. Be that as it may, sharks were constantly a matter important to him since he was a little kid.

Instructive Journey of Andy Casagrande
Our challenging TV star went to Florida Institute of Technology to win a degree in sea life science. In any case, subsequent to joining the college, he accompanied an acknowledgment that this way won’t prompt his energy and he chose to move to Pittsburgh University. Andy considered science in his new moved college. Be that as it may, Andy was never going to stop with this.Andy Casagrande further enhanced his degree with two more, in brain research and biopsychology from California State University. Be that as it may, life consistently accompanies amazements, and startling turns and the equivalent occurred with Andy as well. The main occupation by Andy had nothing to do with natural life and was that of technical support engineer.

Profession beginning of Andy Casagrande
Despite the fact that Andy was in a product organization straight out of school, regardless he longed of working with sharks. He was so into them that, in his extra time he wrote a tune about extraordinary whites that included film of him swimmingoutside a shark confine in Mexico’s Guadalupe. He played guitar while whites swam calmly by out of sight.At that point, Andy had enough, so he chose to make a go. At last, he sent a video of three extraordinary white research groups, one in California, one in Australia and one in South Africa requesting a vocation. As there is a prominent saying – God enables the individuals who to support themselves, Andy go an answer from South African research group offering him a three-month spell as a submerged still picture taker for their undertaking.At that point in 2003, Andy moved to Cape Town for his recently extended employment opportunity. The activity was really for a quarter of a year at the same time, with Andy’s astounding energy in it, it went on for two entire years.Andy’s wasn’t over with his enthusiasm for sharks, so in this way, he got a serious camcorder and began shooting shark conduct. As he went more top to bottom in this field, he before long understood that to get the best film he would need to jump securely outside the pen.With the diligent work, Andy Casagrande aced the aptitude when a group from National Geographic came to visit. Andy’s diligent work at last paid him when the group got so dazzled by the unprecedented film caught by him and offered him a staff position situated in Washington, D.C.From that time, Andy has ventured to the far corners of the planet, taping in the absolute most extraordinary and striking areas. His life makes us begrudge it and give goosebumps at a similar development. Andy has shot gators in Everglades, penguins in the Falklands, polar bears in the Canadian Arctic and various adrenaline junkie exercises which are excessively exciting.

Andy Casagrande Awards
At simply the age of 42, the accomplishments of Andy is remarkable. There are more than 100 untamed life film credits under his pocket. He has worked with probably the greatest names in the business including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, BBC, and Animal Planet.The rundown of honors gotten by Andy Casagrande is exceptionally long. His work has been regarded and granted by many.He is additionally the double cross champ of Emmy for Outstanding Cinematography in 2011 and 2013.

Andy Casagrande Wife: Emma Walfridsson
The brave cinematographer, Andy Casagrande is hitched to a dazzling woman of his fantasy, Emma Walfridsson. The couple met when Andy was out in his experience. It appears as though Andy’s profession brought him acknowledgment as well as adoration also.Emma was in Tanzania, East Africa in Serengeti, which is well known for Wild Beast movement when she met Andy. On the off chance that you all are pondering, at that point it was 2007 when this occurred. Both have a profoundly pull enthusiasm for untamed life, so it didn’t took for the couple to feel a punch for one another.The couple dated for three long years lastly in 2010, Emma strolled down the walkway and both shared a pledge to adore one another and moved toward becoming husband and spouse.Andy and Emma are what you call a made for one another. Emma adores her better half’s work and now and then even jumps with her significant other to archive the perilous predators. Brought up in Sweden, Emma is a picture taker, wellbeing driver and a manager.

Andy Casagrande Net Worth 2019
Andy Casagrande has constantly kept informations about his expert just as private life in a wrap thus far things haven’t spilled. Like a significant part of the subtleties, Andy’s compensation is obscure, however it very well may be effectively speculated he wins a great many dollar for each scene. He claims check for huge systems like BBC and Animal Planet where his documentaries air. In 2015, Discovery Chanel made a benefit over $6 million structure the show Shark Week, where Andy assumed a significant job. It is evident that Andy gotten some piece of that enormous benefit.Starting at 2019, Andy Casagrande’s total assets is assessed to be over $4 million.Andy possesses the greater part of his fortune to his work as a cinematographer. Alongside his better half Emma, Andy likewise possesses a generation house ABC4Films, which has practical experience in honor winning documentaries, TV ads, and highlight films.Andy Casagrande, with his better half, Emma is ministers for shark protection association Shark Angels. Shark Week, Planet Ocean, Killer Shots, Sharkwater Extinction are a portion of the shows of Andy.

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