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Fast Facts
Bobby Lashley
Birthday: July 16, 1976
Nationality: American
Well known: WWE Wrestlers Mixed Martial Artists
Age: 43 Years, 43 Year Old Males
Sun Sign: Cancer
Otherwise called: Franklin Lashley, Franklin Robert Lashley
Conceived in: Houston
Well known as: Professional Wrestler, Mixed Martial Artist
Tallness: 6’3″ (190 cm), 6’3″ Males
Companion/Ex-: Kristal Marshall
kids: Kyra Lashley, Myles Lashley
City: Houston, Texas
U.S. State: Texas
More Facts
Bobby Lashley is an American expert wrestler and a blended military craftsman. He is as of now marked to the ‘World Wrestling Entertainment,’ and performs under their image, ‘Crude.’ Lashley is a double cross victor of the ‘Extraordinary Championship Wrestling,’ and a one-time champ of the ‘WWE United States Championship.’ He has likewise performed uncommonly well in ‘Effect Wrestling,’ and has won the ‘Effect World Championship,’ multiple times in his profession. Lashley entered the field of beginner wrestling, from his school days. During his college days, Lashley turned out to be increasingly dynamic in wrestling, and was the ‘National Wrestling Champion,’ for three back to back years. In the wake of finishing his graduation, Lashley joined the ‘U.S. Armed force,’ and served for a long time. Here as well, he was dynamic in wrestling. While Lashley was meaning to fit the bill for the ‘Olympic Games,’ damage constrained him to put a transitory end in his wrestling vocation. Afterward, he marked with the ‘WWE,’ and won numerous lofty matches. Afterward, Lashley moved to various brands, for example, the ‘ECW,’ and the ‘TNA.’ Lashley has likewise given fabulous exhibitions in blended hand to hand fighting, where he won his presentation battle. He has worked with brands, for example, the ‘Strikeforce,’ and the ‘Shark Fights.’ He has crushed numerous well known warriors like Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins.
Adolescence and Early Life
Bobby Lashley was conceived Robert Franklin Lashley, on July 16, 1976, in Colorado. His dad was a military instructor with the ‘US Army.’ Lashley has three senior sisters. Because of the idea of his dad’s activity, Lashley’s family moved here and there. For early tutoring, Lashley went to the ‘Fortress Riley Middle School,’ in Kansas. While he was in the seventh grade, Lashley joined novice wrestling, as an option in contrast to football.
Lashley moved on from the ‘Intersection City High School.’ Thereafter, he went to the ‘Missouri Valley College.’ Lashley kept on being dynamic in beginner wrestling, and won the ‘NAIA National Wrestling Championship,’ in the three back to back years, 1996, 1997, and 1998. He moved on from the school with a four year college education in ‘human-administration organization the executives and amusement organization.’
After graduation, Lashley joined the ‘U.S. Armed force,’ and kept on wrestling in the military’s ‘Reality Class Athlete Program.’ He won gold and silver decorations, in the wrestling rivalries directed by the ‘Global Military Sports Council.’ After three years of administration, Lashley resigned from the military. He wanted to meet all requirements for the ‘2004 Summer Olympics,’ and prepared for it. In any case, Lashley was gotten in a theft at a bank, and was hit by a weapon. His knee was gravely harmed, and Lashley needed to surrender his novice wrestling profession.
In November 2004, Bobby Lashley marked an agreement with the ‘WWE.’ He was doled out to the ‘Ohio Valley Wrestling.’ In 2005, Lashley performed in a few wrestling occasions for the ‘Crude,’ and the ‘Smackdown!’ brands of the ‘WWE.’ In his introduction coordinate, Lashley vanquished Simon Dean.
In January 2006, Bobby Lashley turned into the first ‘Smackdown!’ wrestler to meet all requirements for the ‘Illustrious Rumble.’ At the occasion, Lashley crushed Sylvain, however later, he was disposed of by a blend of Big Show and Kane. In April 2006, Lashley contended in his first ‘WrestleMania,’ in the ‘Cash in the Bank’ stepping stool coordinate. He additionally contended in the ‘Smackdown!’s’ ‘Lord of the Ring’ competition. Lashley arrived at the finals, yet was vanquished by Booker T, on the ‘Day of atonement.’
In November 2006, Lashley moved to the ‘ECW’ brand. He made his presentation, by making an unexpected section to the ‘Extraordinary Elimination Chamber’ coordinate, for the ‘ECW World Championship.’ He vanquished Big Show and Test, to turn into the ‘ECW World Champion.’ Lashley turned into the main African American to win the title. In 2007, Lashley guarded his title, against numerous huge names, for example, Big Show, and Robert Van Dam. In June 2007, Lashley crushed Vince McMahon in a streetfight, to win the ‘ECW World Champion’ title for the subsequent time.
In June 2007, Lashley was drafted from the ‘ECW’ brand, to the ‘Crude’ brand. He was the main contender for the ‘WWE Championship’ title, yet lost to John Cena. In February 2008, Lashley was discharged from the agreement with the ‘WWE.’ After this, Lashley showed up in the ‘Triplemania XVI,’ the lead occasion of the ‘AAA.’
In December 2008, Lashley made his presentation in blended hand to hand fighting, by showing up at the ‘Blended Fighting Alliance’ debut occasion, ‘There Will Be Blood.’ He vanquished Joshua Franklin in 41 seconds, in the first round. In March 2009, Lashley crushed the veteran contender, Jason Guida, in a consistent choice.
In April 2009, Lashley showed up at the ‘All out Nonstop Action Wrestling’s’ compensation per-see occasion, ‘Lockdown.’ He likewise highlighted in the wrestling TV appear, ‘TNA Impact!’ In June 2009, Lashley made his in-ring debut for the ‘TNA,’ in a label group coordinate in which, he combined with Mick Foley, to overcome the ‘World Heavyweight Champion,’ Kurt Angle. In February 2010, Lashley was discharged from the ‘TNA,’ with the goal that he could focus on his blended combative techniques vocation.
Bobby Lashley focused on his ‘MMA’ vocation in the early 50% of 2010s. In August 2010, Lashley took part in the ‘MMA’ occasion, ‘Strikeforce: Houston,’ to confront Chad Griggs. In spite of the fact that Lashley commanded in the start of the battle, he endured damage, and lost the battle. Following the battle, Lashley was hospitalized.
In February 2011, Lashley marked for the ‘Titan Fighting Championship.’ But wounds influenced his battles. In 2011, he marked a three-year manage the ‘Shark Fights.’ Lashley turned into the ‘Shark Fights’ heavyweight champion, by crushing Karl Knothe.
In July 2014, Lashley marked an agreement with the ‘Bellator MMA.’ He made his limited time debut against Josh Burns. Lashley won the battle. In June 2015, Lashley battled Dan Charles, and won the battle in the second round. Lashley was under an agreement with the ‘Bellator,’ till his arrival to the ‘WWE.’
In 2014, Lashley came back to the ‘TNA.’ In June 2014, he vanquished Eric Young, to turn into the ‘TNA World Heavyweight Champion.’ Lashley was the main African American, to win the title. He guarded the title against Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode. In March 2015, he lost the title to Kurt Angle.
In 2015, Lashley contended in the ‘TNA World Title Series,’ to recapture the ‘TNA World Heavyweight Championship.’ He progressed till the semi-finals, however was vanquished by Ethan Carter III. Afterward, Lashley crushed Eddie Edwards, in a ‘Victor Take All Six Sides of Steel’ coordinate, to win the ‘TNA X Division Championship.’ He likewise recaptured the ‘TNA World Heavyweight’ title. Lashley won the title multiple times in his vocation. In 2018, Lashley was discharged from his agreement with the ‘Effect Wrestling.’
In April 2018, Lashley came back to the ‘WWE,’ with the following evening ‘WrestleMania 34.’ He partook in the ‘Best Royal Rumble,’ yet was crushed by Braun Strowman. He took an interest in tag-group matches with warriors, for example, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman. Lashley vanquished Roman Reigns, at the ‘Extraordinary Rules’ battle.
Individual Life
Bobby Lashley was in a connection with previous ‘WWE’ diva, Kristal Marshall, from 2006 to 2010. They have a child, Myles, and a girl, Naomi. The couple went separate ways in 2010. Lashley has a little girl named Kyra, who was conceived in 2005. The personality of the child’s mom is stayed quiet. He is at present single.
Lashley has begun numerous business adventures. In 2007, he opened a shop that sells wellbeing drinks. In 2009, Lashley reported the dispatch of the ‘Lashley Network,’ which involves an official rec center, a nourishment store, and an interpersonal interaction site. In 2010, he opened a rec center, ‘American Top Team Altitude,’ in Colorado.
Random data
Bobby Lashley has shown up in motion pictures, for example, ‘The Way of War,’ and ‘Blood Out.’ He has additionally highlighted in TV shows, for example, ‘Arrangement or No Deal,’ and ‘Surge Hour.’
Lashley is referred to by a few monikers, for example, ‘Blaster Lashley,’ ‘The Real Deal,’ ‘Dark Lesner,’ and ‘The Pressure Cooker.’

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