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Britney Spears: Why Hanging Out With Sons Sean, 15, & Jayden, 14, Is The ‘Highlight’ Of Her Week

Britney Spears loves investing energy with her children Sean and Jayden. Here are how regularly she will see them nowadays.

Britney Spears, 39, keeps her relationship with her children Sean Preston, 15, and Jayden James Federline, 14, private. In any case, a source near the pop star disclosed EXCLUSIVELY that she’s still very near them. The youngsters live in Los Angeles with their dad Kevin Federline, 43. Yet, as per our source, they make a point to visit their mother each week. “Britney has seen her young men a ton recently,” the source uncovered. “She feels fortunate to have any time together because they are getting more seasoned. The young men are at that age where they truly love to be with their companions and that is who they spend a great deal of their available energy with, and Britney gets that.” “They are making a point to drop by once per week,” the source proceeded, “and that is the feature of her week and they visit and home base. Britney loves to be athletic with them and simply get up to speed with school and life. They’re complete young men. They actually stay at their dad’s home which is a genuinely steady spot for them.” Even though Britney once in a while shares photographs of her children, a month ago she really wanted to boast about the astounding youngsters they are turning out to be. On March 1 she took to Instagram to share a photograph of her young men — who are currently taller than she is!”It’s so insane how time passes quickly… My young men are so large now!!!! I know… I know… it’s extremely hard for any mom particularly a mom with young men seeing them grow up so fast!!!! Discussion about enough to make you go to your knees… GEEZ!!!!” she spouted in her inscription. “I’m very fortunate because my two infants are such man of his word thus kind that I am more likely than not accomplished something right!!!!” she proceeded. Britney at that point clarified why she doesn’t post photographs of her young men on her Instagram page. “I haven’t posted pictures of them for quite a while cause they’re at the age where they need to communicate their own personalities and I absolutely get it,” the pop star shared. “Be that as it may, I made a special effort to cause this cool to alter and think about what….They’re at last allowing me to post it!!!” Britney clarified. “Presently I don’t understand left any longer and I’m going to go observe….Oh sh*t I surmise cool mothers don’t do that… Ok, I’ll just peruse a book all things considered.”

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