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Can You Get Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied? We Asked an Expert

Everything to think about the dangers of getting pregnant after tubal ligation.

Getting pregnant is consistently a probability among explicitly dynamic couples, however the same number of us know, utilizing contraception can altogether bring down that chance. Be that as it may, even the best types of conception prevention aren’t constantly 100%. For one a couple, having six children has made their sexual coexistence stressed—in spite of the spouse getting her cylinders tied.
A lady took to Reddit’s r/sex to clarify that her significant other is so scared of having another tyke, he won’t engage in sexual relations with her.

“I’m in a remarkable pickle and not certain what to do. My significant other is batshit insane and jumping on my last nerves,” the lady wrote in her post. “He will not lay down with me out of dread of getting me pregnant. We have six, and we both concurred no more. I got my cylinders tied and now he is as yet denying sex out of dread that one of his little troopers will get through???”
She included, “Wtf would it be a good idea for me to state to him or do? Has anybody at any point managed this? Is it accurate to say that he is insane?”
Getting your cylinders tied—otherwise called tubal ligation—is an unbelievably powerful approach to avert pregnancy. During the system, a lady’s fallopian cylinders are either cut, tied, or hindered as a type of changeless anti-conception medication. This not just keeps a lady’s egg from venturing out from the ovaries to the fallopian tubes, however it additionally keeps any sperm from going up the fallopian cylinders to meet an egg.

While tubal ligation is one of the best types of conception prevention, it is imperfect. There is as yet an opportunity of getting to be pregnant in the wake of having your cylinders tied: the pace of pregnancy is one of every 1,000 after the primary year, and somewhere in the range of two and 10 out of 1,000 following five years, as per the American Pregnancy Association.
“Pregnancies have been accounted for after careful sanitization, however are uncommon,” Eleanor Schwarz, MD, a ladies’ wellbeing specialist and teacher of prescription at the University of California Davis, Sacramento, tells Health. “Most couples don’t need to stress over getting pregnant in the event that they engage in sexual relations after a lady ‘has her cylinders tied.'”
Also, in the event that you do happen to get pregnant in the wake of tying your cylinders, you have a higher danger of having an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies, which happen when the treated egg starts to develop inside the fallopian tubes, can cause the fallopian cylinder to crack and is conceivably lethal.
Reddit clients tolled in on the post, proposing that including an optional type of anti-conception medication, similar to a condom or a vasectomy, could further assistance in averting another pregnancy—and Dr. Schwarz concurs.

“The best route for men to maintain a strategic distance from an undesired pregnancy is for him to experience vasectomy,” says Schwarz.

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