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The life of a traveler is forlorn, heading out spots to places. Be that as it may, on the off chance that we take it in an alternate point of view, at that point it may be a persuading profession way.To cause you to concur, let us ask you, would you went through your entire time on earth living in a similar spot, doing likewise, encountering old news again and again, and after that, before long holding back to be in your passing bed. Doesn’t it sounds startling?!We as a whole wish to venture out spots to places, experience everything in a lifetime. Be that as it may, what number of us really do it? Not very many of us right! This is the tale of the star cast of ‘Life Below Zero’, who pursued his heart and carries on with an existence of his decision.

Who is Chip Hailstone?
Chip Hailstone by calling is an American TV big name. His family and way of life is reported by the National Geographic channel and exhibited on the unscripted television arrangement called ‘Life Below Zero’. Chip is of American nationality.He was conceived on eighth March 1969 in Kalispell, Montana, the United States. He was destined to Daniel Franklin Hailstone and Mary Lois Hailstone.Chip Hailstone is 49 years of age.

Early Life and Education of Chip Hailstone
Directly from Chip Hailston’s initial age, he had an enthusiasm for chasing, angling, and specialty. In any case, the subtleties identified with his initial life and instruction is obscure.

How could He Get an idea in “Life Below Zero”?
According to the sources we have discovered that Chip Hailston left the place where he grew up at the age 19 of every 1988.He right then and there at first anticipated moving to Alaska, in any case, later settled in the community of Noorvik with the number of inhabitants in scarcely 700 individuals.Prior from his youth, he had an excitement for chasing, angling, and art. What’s more, being at the community of Noorvik was the ideal spot for him to seek after his advantage and energy.The earth there and the cool atmosphere was a fine spot for him to get the experience of survivalist and genuine tracker. And keeping in mind that living two or three years in the town, he at last met Agnes Hailstone, an Alaskan local and before long chose to have a family together.They together have seven kids, five girls named Mary, Tinmiaq, Qutan, Iriqtaq, and Carolina. In Addition, two children named Jon and Douglas from Agnes past marriage.His significant other Agnes Hailstone is likewise into a similar profession as her better half. So the spouse, wife and their children are seen paying the television reality arrangement ‘Life Below Zero’.The two are carrying on with the life of a moderate, away from any impact of modernization. They chase for the living and endurance, soon their way of life grabbed the eye of specialists of the National Geographic Channel.It prompted marking an agreement with the National Geographic Channel for the unscripted television arrangement “Life Below Zero” and the First scene started from May 19, 2013.Chip alongside his family has completed 8 seasons for the arrangement, however sadly, he needed to drop from the arrangement. Despite the fact that his family is as yet proceeding.

Detainment (Jailed)
All of a sudden, Chip Hailston’s promising vocation self-destruct in 2012, because of saw as liable of two tallies of prevarication and giving an inappropriate data to the cops.It was the situation of July 2011. What’s more, he is committed to serve 3 years of probation and 15-months behind the bars which were condemned in July 2017. He is detained at the Anchorage Correctional Complex.We as a whole know now, he is in prison, however how did this occur?! Give us a chance to make it unmistakable for all of you, everything started as the Christopher Bitz, an Alaska State Trooper physically ambushed his in those days 17 years of age little girl, Tinmiaq.In a meeting with Chip, he expressed his little girl was held with an agreeable hold by an official while he was conversing with them and as she extended her hand towards him all the botch occurred.Chip Hailstone further included, he and his family were in the dread of their lives.What’s more, with such powerful conduct of the trooper, Chip recorded a body of evidence against the trooper in the interest of his little girl. In spite of it, he was seen as liable.A considerable lot of Chip fans shared the mistake about Chip’s off-base proclamation contrasted with the imprisonment. Yet at the same time, he is serving the discipline and the unscripted television arrangement still proceeds without him yet just his family.

Compensation and Net Worth of Chip Hailstone
Chip Hailstone earing source is the arrangement ‘Life Below Zero’.
Chip Hailstone is said to have a total assets of $200k.

Chip Hailstone’s Height
Chip Hailstone has a stature of 5 feet 8 inches.
Chip Hailstone may look tall, in any case, he isn’t as tall as he looks. He has dim dark colored eyes and hair.

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