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“There is a lady behind each fruitful man and a man behind each effective lady,” it implies that if ladies and a man have the help of each other, they can accomplish considerably more significant standards. Gasia Mikaelian is a celebrated American TV character who at present fills in as a grapple in KTVU in the Bay Area. Likewise, she has filled in as a correspondent for a few radio and telecom companies in Arizona, Huston, Alabama, and California.
Original Name: Gasia Mikalian
Origination: Greater straight territory
Stature: 5 feet 5 inches
Nationality: Armenian
Ethnicity: Armenian-American
Occupation: News character
Spouse: Paul Perez
Age: 43
Gasia Mikaelian Bio
Gasia Mikaelian was born on fourth July 1975 in the more noteworthy Bay Area. As of now, she lives in Oakland, CA. Prior to her introduction to the world, her folks moved to the USA from Armenia. In this manner, she holds American nationality, however she has a place with Armenian ethnicity. Gasia’s folks consistently showed her not to lose her Armenian legacy. She had ascended with her kin, who all have had their conventional Armenian name.
Gasia Mikaelian’s Parents
As you definitely know Gasia was destined to Armenian guardians alongside her kin. The parent-related post of Gasia gives an understanding into her endless love for them. In any case, she wished her to transfer an old 80’s photograph on Twitter on Mother’s Day in 2015. Essentially, through a Twitter post, Gasia additionally communicated her connection to her dad. The kin of the previous KSWT columnist live in the Bay Area and frequently visits them. Now and again of National kin day, she posted her sibling and sister’s image on Instagram and said she has two sisters and a sibling. As of now, Gasia’s folks are living in a similar house she experienced childhood in.
Gasia Mikaelian Education
Gasia went to Saturday School in her adolescence, which is an Armenian school. During her secondary school, she was viewed as a delayed prodigy since every last bit of her companions were intending to be a specialist, attorneys, police officer however she had no clue what she needed to be later on. After secondary school, she joined Las Positas College and took the entirety of the classes of composing courses more than two years. Nonetheless, later, she went to the San Diego State University to think about news-casting with the underlying aim of going on radio telecom.
Gasia Mikaelian Went Back To Her High School
Gasia Mikaelin returned to her secondary school — Granada in Livermore following 22 years of succeeding. She found that previous instructors had resigned and the school had changed a great deal. She likewise said that they have a staggering TV and Film creation classes and understudies took her meeting for one of their tasks.
Gasia Mikaelian Career
Gasia first worked at the University Radio Station and composed for the University Newspaper. She making the most of her work and got bunches of understanding from that point. From that point onward, she went for a meeting at the KFMB Station that had both TV and Radio. She has been chosen and began working there. From the outset, she had dealt with the radio and afterward proceed onward the TV as she was constantly intrigued by the TV and needed to be a grapple. Afterward, Gasia started her vocation at KSWT-TV (CBS) in Yuma, Arizona, in 1997 as a correspondent. She worked at KSWT for a long time from 1998-2000. At that point, she left the KSWT and joined XETV and worked there as a grapple and correspondent from 2000-2002. Again she proceeded with KFMB in Houston from 2002 – 2005 for a long time. Nonetheless, in 2005 she joined KTVU and had functioned as a grapple on KTVU Channel 2 news at 7:00 pm on TV 36. Three years back she moved to KTVU Channel 2 “Mornings on 2” and as yet taking a shot at it. Here is the YouTube video of Gasia Mikaeian’s first day at KTVU.
Gasia Mikaelian Husband And Children
Gasia wedded to Paul Perez in 2006 who is additionally Armenian. The couple has two children named Tigran Perez conceived in 2008 and Zaven Perez bornin 2010. As her folks had advised not to lose the Armenian convention, she decides to give a customary Armenian name to their children. In addition, she additionally shows them the Armenian language and culture. Gasia had additionally said that in the wake of bringing forth the infants and returning to work was the hardest thing she has ever done. She has the blame of leaving her youngsters. She had said these words in a meeting about her inclination while rejoining her activity after the introduction of Tigran. “I felt regretful in light of the fact that I ought to be at home. In any case, I understood that by returning to work; I am dealing with my family. That was a colossal acknowledgment for me which helped me feel less remorseful. Since I work, we can appreciate a decent life including things like a Zoo Membership, and so forth.” She kept sitters to deal with her infants. Yet, a half year later she chose that her significant other would remain at home and deal with their young men and raise them. For this, she called her significant other, Paul Perez as Saint Paul.
Gasia Mikaelian Salary And Net Worth
As per sources, her yearly pay was $250,000 in 2015 and 42 years of age, Gasia’s is filling in as a journalist and a grapple for two decades. In this way, she has earned a great measure of cash all through her profession. Along these lines, her total assets must be around $2 – $4million. Be that as it may, she didn’t uncover her compensation and total assets yet.
Internet based life
Gasia Mikaelian is dynamic via web-based networking media. Additionally, she has 9.5k supporters on Instagram; in like manner, on Twitter, she has 11.4k adherents, and, on Facebook, she has 26.5k devotees.

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