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Snappy Facts
Birthday: April 11, 1969
Nationality: American
Popular: WWE Wrestlers American Men
Age: 50 Years, 50 Year Old Males
Sun Sign: Aries
Otherwise called: Dustin Patrick Runnels
Conceived in: Austin, Texas
Popular as: Professional Wrestler
Life partner/Ex-: Milena Martelloni (m. 2002; div. 2003), Ta-rel Roche (m. 2012), Terri Runnels (m. 1993; div. 1999)
father: Dusty Rhodes
City: Austin, Texas
U.S. State: Texas
Dustin Patrick Runnels, broadly known as “Goldust,” is an American expert wrestler who right now contends on the ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’ (WWE) show ‘Monday Night Raw.’ Runnels made his ‘WWE’ (at that point ‘World Wrestling Federation,’ or ‘WWF’) debut against Paul Diamond in 1990. He is as of now the longest-serving ‘WWE’ entertainer, with over 27 years of involvement in wrestling and advancing the business. He wrestled his way through the ‘Absolute Nonstop Action Wrestling’ (TNA) and the ‘World Wrestling Championship’ (WCW) to contend in ‘WWE.’ As a wrestler, Goldust has won 20 titles, including the ‘WCW United States Heavyweight Championship’, the ‘WCW World Tag Team Championship,’ the ‘WWE Intercontinental Championship’, the ‘WWE World Tag Team Championship,’ and the ‘WWE Hardcore Championship.’ His ostentatious persona with the mark brilliant yellow paint all over has made Goldust very mainstream in the ‘WWE’ universe. He has wrestled utilizing different monikers, for example, “Dark Reign,” “Dustin Rhodes,” “Dustin Runnels,” and “Gold Dustin.” He has additionally mirrored VIPs and wrestler characters, for example, “Chynadust,” “Residue Lovedust,” “Dustydust,” “Hunterdust,” “Sabledust,” and “Vaderdust” before. On April 2, 2018, in a scene of ‘Crude,’ Goldust reported his up and coming appearance in the ‘Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match’ at ‘WrestleMania 34’. Be that as it may, he lost to “Woken” Matt Hardy that night.
Adolescence and Early Life
Dustin Patrick Runnels was conceived on April 11, 1969, in Austin, Texas. His dad was Virgil Runnels, broadly known as “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes in ‘WWE.’
His dad kicked the bucket in 2015, a couple of years subsequent to being accepted into the ‘WWE Hall of Fame.’ His relative, Cody Rhodes, is likewise a ‘WWE’ wrestler and is presently known as “The American Nightmare” in the ‘Ring of Honor.’
He has a sister named Kristin Runnels Ditto who is a previous ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.’
Early Career
Goldust made his wrestling debut on September 13, 1988, in a counterpart for the ‘Title Wrestling from Florida’ (CWF), situated in Tampa. He vanquished Bob Cook in his introduction match and won the ‘Florida Heavyweight Championship’ on May 23, 1989.
In December 1988, he began wrestling as “Dustin Rhodes” for ‘WCW.’ He vanquished Trent Knight in his first single match before he proceeded onward to ‘All Japan Pro Wrestling’ (AJPW).
He showed up in ‘AJPW’ as ‘Dusty Rhodes Jr.’ in March 1989 preceding proceeding onward to the ‘US Wrestling Association’ (USWA) in mid-1989.
In late 1990, he made his ‘WWF’ debut as “Dustin Rhodes” and collaborated with his dad at the 1991 ‘Imperial Rumble.’ They lost to Ted DiBiase and Virgil in the match.
He joined ‘WCW’ in February 1991 as “The Natural Dusty Rhodes” and contended with Larry Zbyzsko and Terrence Taylor. He additionally won the ‘WCW World Tag Team Championship’ with his tag-group accomplice Barry Windham on ‘WCW Saturday Night’ subsequent to crushing Steve Williams and Terry Gordy.
They lost the title to Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas at the eighteenth ‘Conflict of Champions.’ In January 1993, Goldust turned into the main contender for the ‘WCW Heavyweight Championship’ and crushed his old accomplice Steamboat to win the ‘US Heavyweight Championship.’
After effectively shielding his title on different occasions, he lost it to previous victor Rick Rude. Notwithstanding, he won the title again on August 28, 1993, subsequent to overcoming Rude.
He at long last lost the title to Steve Austin at ‘Starrcade.’ He was terminated from ‘WCW’ for conflicting with their corporate arrangement in the 1995 pay-per-see occasion ‘Uncensored.’
He returned in 1999 as “Seven,” a character that was highlighted by ‘WCW’ as a face-painted individual remaining outside a tyke’s room. The trick was before long dropped since “Seven” appeared to be a kid abductor. Following this, he started contending as “The American Nightmare” Dustin Rhodes.
He quarreled with Terry Funk, Vince Russo, Ric Flair, and others, before ‘WCW’ was bought by ‘WWF’ in 2001.
He came back to ‘WWF’ in August 1995 as “Goldust,” a character who rankled his adversaries with his coquettish remarks and explicitly charged love toward them. He wore a brilliant jumpsuit, painted his face gold and dark, and wore a bleach blonde wig on his head during his promotions.
He gave an impression of a drag ruler and regularly stroked his body while grabbing his adversary lovingly. He won his introduction coordinate against Marty Jannetty on October 22, 1995, at the ‘In Your House 4’ pay-per-see.
He likewise vanquished “Bam Bigelow” in the’s last match at the occasion ‘Survivor Series.’ He additionally won the ‘Intercontinental Championship’ in the wake of overcoming Razor Ramon in 1996 yet later lost the title to Ahmed Johnson at ‘Ruler of the Ring.’
From 1997 to 1999, he quarreled with Val Venis, Jeff Jarrett, Al Snow, The Blue Meanie, and The Hardy Boyz, as “Dustin Runnels,” before leaving the organization in May 1999.
He returned as “Goldust” on January 20, 2002, at the ‘Illustrious Rumble’ and assaulted Rob Van Dam on ‘Crude,’ turning heel, however was crushed by Rob at the occasion ‘No chance to get Out.’ He later won the ‘In-your-face Championship’ on nine events.
After ‘WWF’ was renamed ‘WWE,’ Goldust and Booker T’s organization turned into a hit on ‘Crude.’ The pair won the ‘World Tag Team Championship’ at ‘Armageddon’ yet later separated. In December 2003, his agreement terminated.
From 2002 to 2008, he wrestled on autonomous circuits, as well. He had spells with ‘TNA,’ ‘AJPW,’ and ‘One Pro Wrestling’ during this time.
He returned on ‘Crude’ in 2008 and collaborated with Hornswoggle, in this manner overcoming The Brian Kendrick and Festus. In any case, he was exchanged to ‘ECW’. He contended with Zack Ryder, Sheamus, William Regal, and Yoshi Tatsu, before ‘Crude’ procured him again in 2010.
It was before long declared that Goldust would take an interest in the third period of ‘NXT’ with Aksana as his freshman. He wound up wedding Aksana, just to be slapped by her following their marriage.
Aksana left him as well as stole the title belt in a match the next Monday, while Goldust battled Ted DiBiase. The belt was later recovered by Goldust. He separated from her a while later.
He came back to ‘WWE’ for the fifth time at the ‘Regal Rumble’ on January 27, 2013, and was disposed of by his relative, Cody Rhodes. He won his first ‘WWE’ title in 11 years subsequent to crushing ‘The Shield’ with Cody.
They guarded the title ordinarily, before losing it to The Miz and Damien Mizdow at the ‘Survivor Series.’ His relative, Cody, appeared as another character, “Stardust,” with his appearance taking after that of Goldust.
In 2016, he framed an on-and-off label group with R-Truth, and together, they were named ‘The Golden Truth.’ They won their first match at the ‘Cash in the Bank’ pre-appear, vanquishing Breezango.
Their group later had a quarrel which finished after Goldust vanquished R-Truth on the July 10 scene of ‘Crude.’ In 2017, he rivaled whizzes, for example, Bray Wyatt, Finn Bálor, and John Cena and showed up at the ‘Illustrious Rumble,’ where he was disposed of by Dolph Ziggler.
On the April 2 scene of ‘Crude,’ he reported his up and coming appearance in the ‘Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Match’ at ‘WrestleMania 34.’ However, he was beaten by “Woken” Matt Hardy that night.
Grants and Achievements
He has won wrestling titles, for example, the ‘ACW Heavyweight Championship,’ the ‘WCW United States Heavyweight Championship’ (twice) , the ‘WWF Intercontinental Championship’ (thrice), the ‘WWE Tag Team Championship’ (). He positioned 11 among the best 500 singles wrestlers in the ‘PWI 500’ in 1996.
His personal history, ‘Cross Rhodes: Goldust, Out of the Darkness,’ was distributed on December 14, 2010.
Individual Life
Goldust has a little girl named Dakota Avery, from his first marriage, with Terri Boatright. Terri and Goldust separated on October 18, 1999, following six years of marriage. He at that point wedded an obscure lady. It was before long supposed that the lady being referred to was Milena Martelloni, whom he wedded on December 18, 2002. Milena and Goldust separated in 2003.
Goldust is hitched to Ta-rel Marie Roche, his third spouse, since June 22, 2012.

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