Hundreds of drones light up Seoul sky with virus messages

Many automatons lit up the night sky in Seoul for a terrific exhibit of persuasive and mindfulness messages as the world fights the coronavirus pandemic.

300 unmanned ethereal vehicles were modified to shape pictures over the Han stream — which goes through the South Korean capital — for the eyecatching streak horde.
The show started with messages helping individuals to remember key careful steps, including wearing covers, washing hands and keeping a two-meter good ways from others.
The automatons made pictures of a veil encompassed by coronavirus particles, rapidly rearranging to shape two hands and water beads against the dull night sky.
The 10-minute show moved to messages of appreciation for clinical faculty in the bleeding edges of the pandemic just as every single South Korean for their aggregate endeavors.

“On account of YOU,” the automatons wrote in the sky close to a heart shape, at that point framed an outline of the Korean promontory with the message: “Cheer up, Republic of Korea.”
The legislature sorted out occasion on Saturday night was not publicized ahead of time in light of social removing rules, the vehicle service said.

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