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Jennifer Connelly is an Academy Award victor American entertainer who began as a youngster craftsman and arrived at the embodiment of her movie profession with the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’.
Otherwise called: Jennifer Lynn Connelly
Birthday: December 12, 1970
Nationality: American
Age: 49 Years
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Born In: Cairo
Stature: 5’7″ (170 cm), 5’7″ Females
Life partner/Ex-: Paul Bettany
Net Worth: $20 million
Jennifer Lynn Connelly is an American on-screen character who began youthful in the business and made it exceptionally enormous. She began youngster displaying at 10 years old when her dad’s companion sought after the Connelly family to utilize her attractive features for print and TV ads. For her first appearance in Quite a while, she was approached to play out an expressive dance schedule. Connelly handled her lead jobs in Italian motion pictures and English language motion pictures just when she was a young person. Gradually and bit by bit she was making an imprint for herself in the business yet all the consideration and overwhelming work in the films overpowered her and she chose to enjoy a reprieve and study show in the Stanford University. She highlighted in the achievement job of her movie vocation in the film ‘Composition for a Dream’ and after that there was no thinking back for her with lead jobs in motion pictures like ‘A Beautiful Mind’, ‘Blood Diamond’, and so forth. For ‘A Beautiful Mind’ Connelly was regarded with lofty honors like Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA. The Character of ‘Alicia Nash’ that she depicted in the film was basically very generally welcomed.
Adolescence and Early Years
Jennifer Connelly was born in Cairo, New York, to Ilene and Gerard Connelly. Her dad was an attire producer and her mom a collectibles vendor. She was brought up in Brooklyn Heights where she went to Saint Ann’s school.
Connelly tried out as a youngster model when she was 10, at the recommendation of a companion of her father’s. Her displaying profession began with the Ford Modeling Agency and she showed up on the front of a few magazines and Japanese pop melodies. In 1984, Connelly showed up in a Hollywood film just because, in ‘Sometime in the distant past in America’. She played out an artful dance routine in the film. During a similar time, she showed up on the TV. She got her first lead jobs in 1985 with the Italian blood and gore flick, ‘Wonders’ and ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’. These motion pictures didn’t do ponders for Connelly’s picture however it got her the necessary media introduction and consideration. In 1986, Connelly played a young person in the dream film, ‘Maze’. Her exhibition in the film was exceptionally reprimanded and the film itself shelled in the cinematic world yet it turned into a faction film later. She enjoyed a little reprieve from acting to join back school and comprehend the things as her acting profession was becoming bigger. Connelly joined Yale in 1988 to contemplate English and later joined Stanford to consider dramatization. In 1990, Connelly’s folks urged her to join back films and she left Stanford to act in ‘The Hot Spot’. In spite of the fact that the film didn’t make business progress yet her presentation in the film earned pundits’ appreciation. Connelly’s next enormous motion pictures were discharged in 1991– – lighthearted comedy ‘Profession Opportunities’ in which she worked inverse Frank Whaley and Disney’s ‘The Rocketeer’. Both the films neglected to take her vocation higher than ever. In 1996, Connelly did the most disputable personal scene with her co-star John Malkovich in the film ‘Mulholland Falls’, in which she assumed the job of his paramour who gets bafflingly killed. Connelly took a break from the business film and did a low spending film, ‘Designing the Abbotts’, for which she increased basic recognition. The next year, she did ‘Dim City’, and her exhibition as ‘femme fatale Emma’ enchanted everybody. In 2000, she showed up in what is considered as the achievement film of her vocation, ‘Composition for a Dream’. She played the genuinely elevated and troublesome job of a lady who gets dependent and turns into a whore.
Next came the most noticeable film in Connelly’s life, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ in 2001, in which she assumed the job of Alicia Nash, spouse of schizophrenic mathematician, John Nash. She won an Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA for it. In 2003, she did ‘The Hulk’ and assumed the job of Betty Rose, who was a researcher and primary hero’s previous sweetheart. Connelly got intrigued by the film due to Ang Lee’s bizarre interpretation of the Marvel Comics hero. She housed ‘of Sand and Fog’ in 2003, which depended on a novel by the creator Andre Dubus III. She assumed the job of a relinquished spouse who feels lost and forlorn. In the wake of staying ceaselessly from film for a long time, Connelly’s ‘Dim Water’ turned out in 2005. Right now suspenseful thrill ride, she was acknowledged for assuming the job of a mother who is spooky by her past. Year 2006 end up being an inventively satisfying one in Connelly’s movie profession as she did films like, ‘Little Children’ close by Kate Winslet and ‘Blood Diamond’ inverse Leonardo DiCaprio. Both the motion pictures were named for different Academy Awards. ‘Reservation Road’ in 2007 allowed Connelly another chance to demonstrate her acting abilities as a genuine entertainer. She featured in the film with Joaquin Phoenix. The character that she played was more grounded than any she played previously. In 2008, Connelly did ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ inverse Keanu Reeves and the next year, she did a light lighthearted comedy, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ alongside Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and so forth. Connelly showed up in the dramatization biopic ‘Creation’ in 2009, a film dependent on Charles Darwin’s life. She assumed the job of Darwin’s better half who used to contradict his thoughts and battled with the passing of their girl. In 2010, Connelly did Dustin Lance Black’s ‘Virginia’. The film was just intended to get constrained dramatic discharge and her exhibition as an intellectually shaky lady was very generally welcomed by the pundits. Connelly took up a satire adventure in 2011, ‘The Dilemma’, featuring inverse Vince Vaughn. That year, she did a parody spine chiller film with strict parody suggestions, titled ‘Salvation Boulevard’, alongside Pierce Brosnan and Greg Kinnear.
Significant Works
‘A Beautiful Mind (2001)’ is viewed as Connelly’s most noticeable work as of recently. Her depiction of Alicia Nash, spouse of schizophrenic mathematician and a respectable laureate John Nash, won her an Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe.
Grants and Achievements
Albeit Connelly has been widely praised for some, films like, ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Little Children’, ‘Reservation Road’, and so on it was Ron Howard’s ‘A Beautiful Mind’ that won her an Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA.
Individual Life and Legacy
In 2003, Connelly got hitched to on-screen character Paul Bettany in the wake of meeting him on the arrangements of ‘A Beautiful Mind’. They have two youngsters together: Stellan and Agnes Lark. She as of now has a child, Kai, from David Dugan.
Incidental data
Connelly was named Amnesty International Ambassador for Human Rights Education in 2005. She is the essence of Revlon beauty care products and Parisian design house Balenciaga. She has been referenced as among the most excellent ladies on the planet by productions like, ‘Vanity’, ‘Esquire’ and ‘The Los Angeles Times’.
Jennifer Connelly Movies
1. Sometime in the distant past in America (1984) (Wrongdoing, Drama)
2. A Beautiful Mind (2001) (Account, Drama)
3. Memorial for a Dream (2000) (Show)
4. Blood Diamond (2006) (Show, Thriller, Adventure)
5. Creepy crawly Man: Homecoming (2017) (Experience, Sci-Fi, Action)
6. Maze (1986) (Melodic, Family, Adventure, Fantasy)
7. Place of Sand and Fog (2003) (Show)
8. Alita: Battle Angel (2018) (Experience, Thriller, Action, Romance, Sci-Fi)
Foundation Awards(Oscars): 2002 Best Actress in a Supporting Role A Beautiful Mind (2001)
Brilliant Globe Awards: 2002 Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture A Beautiful Mind (2001)


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