(KAPOTASANA) Pigeon Yoga Pose Benefits

The Kapotasana or pigeon yoga present advantages the chest and hip regions, while extending the thighs, hip rotators and flexors, and adjusting the pelvis and expanding the pelvic floor flow.

Medical advantages of pigeon present:
Stretches the hip rotators and the hip flexors, this is extraordinary compared to other hip opening stretches for tight hip flexors
Stretches the gluteal, thigh and piriformis muscles
Animates blood stream to the hip territory
Assists with reducing and forestall sciatica
Assists with reducing low back tormentPigeon yoga present
Step by step instructions to do pigeon present
Stage 1: Start in the table situation, with the knees underneath the hips and the arms underneath the shoulders.
Stage 2: Cross the left foot over and position it in the front of the correct knee. Slide and stretch the correct leg straight back. Put a pad underneath the left hip if the stretch is excessively strenuous.
Stage 3: To adjust the hips, move the correct side of the chest a little to one side, and afterward bring down the chest onto the left leg. The elbows ought to be adjusted underneath the shoulders.
Stage 4: Position the elbows before the left knee or lower the body much more If the hip licenses, laying the temple on the tangle. Expand the arms on the floor if essential.
Stage 5: Remain in the safe place while feeling a decent stretch in the left hip.
Stage 6: Position two hands underneath the shoulders, and lift the chest area while squeezing into the floor, raising the chest like a pigeon with a puffed up chest, holding the shoulders down and away from the ears. No pressure in the lower back ought to be experienced.
Stage 7: Come up onto the correct knee or shinbone to discharge. Uncrossing the left leg, fix it behind you, shaking the foot and leg a few times.
Stage 8: Repeat on the opposite side.

Step by step instructions to Do Pigeon Pose
Pigeon present for fledglings
This could be excessively strenuous of an external hip stretch for amateurs. Put a pad underneath the left hip in stage 2 if the stretch is excessively incredible. Know about the knees, no torment ought to be felt in them.
Utilize a prop to lay your temple on in stage 4 in the event that you can’t arrive at the tangle with the brow.

Pigeon present varieties
Leaned back pigeon yoga present
Stage 1: Lift the correct advantage at a 90 degree edge,
Stage 2: Lock the fingers of two hands at the rear of the thigh.
Stage 3: Cross the correct lower leg over the knee of the left thigh.
Stage 4: Gently pull the knee towards the body while pushing the correct foot with the left knee on each breathe out
Stage 5: Ground down into the floor from the rear of the head down to the tailbone.
Stage 6: Repeat on the opposite side.

Leaned back Pigeon Pose
Situated pigeon present
Stage 1: Sit down with the legs expanded and the hands by the sides on the floor.
Stage 2: Cross the correct lower leg over the knee of the left thigh.
Stage 3: Bend forward and contact the left toe or lower leg if incapable to contact the toe
Stage 4: Maintain this situation for 10 – 20 seconds.
Stage 5: Repeat on the opposite side.

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