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Katy Perry Rocks ‘Mama’ Hat & Daisy Necklaces For 6-Month-Old Daughter

Katy Perry ventured out resembling a pleased mother in Santa Monica while additionally wearing an energetic running outfit.

Katy Perry, 36, was decked out in gear that showed her affection for slash half-year-old little girl Daisy on Mar. 29. The artist was spotted getting socks at a neighborhood shop in Santa Monica, CA and gladly wore a dark baseball cap that had “Mother” printed across the front of it in white letters just as two daisy-themed accessories. One illuminated the word Daisy and the difference was a pendant of the beautiful flower. She likewise shook a dim blue-green tank top coordinating with tights and shoes just as a pink face veil improved with white petals. The gushing guardian added a light dim sweatshirt to her outfit by tying it around her midriff and had a dark satchel with the lash across her chest. After she snatched the socks, she made a beeline for the Montecito home she imparts to her girl and life partner Orlando Bloom, 44. Katy’s most recent excursion isn’t the first occasion when we’ve seen her rock her mother and daisy-themed frill. She was seen strolling outside with Orlando, who was holding Daisy, during a walk around Hawaii recently. During the walk, she was again wearing the cap, accessories, and face cover just as a dim hoodie and stockings. Katy and Orlando’s adorable walk comes after they invited Daisy in Aug. Furthermore, although they have been private with regards to showing her face, they’ve been open about the affection they have for the infant young lady. Back in Oct., Orlando additionally gave fans an indicate what she resembles when he conceded her eyes are blue like Katy’s. “The eyes do look like [Katy]’s,” he said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “However, it was entertaining, because when she originally came out, I resembled, ‘Gracious, it’s me! It’s a small-scale me!’ And at that point, luckily, she got those Katy blues, which was great. Be that as it may, at that point she kind of looks somewhat like my mother. So I got somewhat befuddled because Katy’s breastfeeding this smaller than usual me, slice my mother. It resembles… who is she going to look like straightaway?”

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