NYC to Enter Phase Two of Reopening Plan on Monday

Beginning Monday, New York City will permit a more extensive scope of organizations to revive as more coronavirus limitations are lifted, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday during a news meeting.

Open air eating, some in-store shopping, beauty parlors, barbershops, and a few workplaces would be permitted to revive in the subsequent stage, with social removing and limitations on limit, as per the New York Times.
Cafés can revive with open air seating and can move parking spots toward seating regions. Already, cafés had curbside pickup as it were. Social separating and other wellbeing estimates will be required.

Cuomo said the quantity of cases and passings in the city and state are on the decrease.
“New York City will have been Phase One for 14 days,” Cuomo stated, as indicated by TV station WABC. “Take a gander at all the numbers. All the numbers are acceptable. … So New York City is on target to enter Phase Two on Monday.”
In a different news instructions, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said noticed that laborers came back to work in the city when Phase 1 began fourteen days prior.

“In case you’re deciding by the present numbers, we’re fit as a fiddle,” he stated, as indicated by WABC. “Yet, what we’re searching for going into the end of the week is do we see any variety there.”
New York City has more 207,000 cases and in excess of 22,000 affirmed and likely coronavirus passings as of June 17, as per a city site.

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