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Racy Slogans Halt Utah Condom Distribution Plan

Utah wellbeing authorities were getting occupied with a HIV-avoidance exertion when Gov. Gary Herbert ended the appropriation of 100,000 condoms because of suggestive informing.

The Utah Department of Health not long ago began circulating the condoms with intriguing trademarks and high school diversion to advance safe sex.

One condom spread, for instance, explained “SL UT” by utilizing two-letter shortenings for the territory of Utah and its capital, Salt Lake City. Another had an image of a mountain and the trademark “Make the most of Your Mountin.” Still another demonstrated a picture of a bed with the motto, “This is the spot.”

Herbert’s office said in an announcement, “The representative comprehends the significance of the Utah Department of Health leading a crusade to instruct Utahns about HIV counteraction.”

“He doesn’t, notwithstanding, favor the utilization of sexual allusion as a feature of a citizen subsidized crusade, and our office has requested that the office improve the battle’s marking,” the announcement said.

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