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Spencer Pratt Claps Back After Sister Stephanie Body Shames Heidi Montag & Claims She’s Pregnant

‘The Hills’ fans are getting down on Stephanie Pratt for her ‘gross’ conduct, after she body disgraced Heidi Montag, dishonestly guaranteeing she was pregnant.

Reality star Stephanie Pratt has experienced harsh criticism for obtrusively body disgracing her sister-in-law, Heidi Montag, 34. The little sister of The Hills star Spencer Pratt, 37, erroneously guaranteed that Heidi was pregnant after she took to her Instagram Story on April 23 to share a pic of the blonde excellence in a two-piece at the seashore. “Yippee Heidi’s pregnant! I trust she has a young lady this time. Adorable knock,” she composed. Stephanie likewise assaulted her sibling’s build, sharing a shirtless snap of Spencer, expressing, “I can’t help thinking about the thing my sibling is having.” A fan at that point remarked on Heidi’s most recent IG post, “Stephanie just posted ur pregnant yet I don’t see that u posted it. Wtf I trust she’s not uncovering it for u.” Spencer at that point answered, “Heidi isn’t pregnant. Simply being body disgraced.” Others rushed to perceive exactly how “net” Stephanie’s remarks were. “Stand by Stephanie is in a real sense body disgracing Heidi and kidding saying she’s pregnant? That is disturbing goes to show she’s rarely developed,” one adherent composed, while another remarked, “Thank you for being so body positive. I think parenthood and joy look exquisite on you.” Even though Heidi didn’t straightforwardly address her sister-in-law’s remarks, she took to Twitter to express, “Much obliged for all the affection.” Back in February, she revolted against the pregnancy hypothesis, tweeting, “No I am not pregnant yet. Slightly overweight.” She and Spencer uncovered they need their child, Gunner Stone Pratt, 3, to be an older sibling, anyway she’s so not here for body disgracing. “I love my body! Numerous individuals have been guessing and remarking about my weight. I’m not pregnant (not yet),” she subtitled a progression of Instagram pics, applauding back at individuals “conjecturing” about her weight. “I believe that is mostly where a portion of these remarks have been coming from because individuals realize that we are currently trying.” Heidi, who has been hitched to Spencer for a very long time at this point, proceeded, “I likewise gauge more than I at any point have however I am additionally more grounded than I have at any point been. I will not be body-shamed! I love food and wine! I will make the most of my life!” This is the energy we need in 2021!

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