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Tiffany Del Real Net Worth: Biography, Wiki, Career & Lifestyle

Tiffany Del Real Net Worth: Biography, Wiki, Career & Lifestyle

Tiffany Del Real is a YouTube character, co-maker and supervisor of the well known channel Just Kidding Films. She has as of late wedded her associate, Casey Chan; they are both raising Tiffany’s child, Isaac, from her past relationship. Early life and family Tiffany Del Real was born on 29 November 1990, in San Francisco,

Tiffany Del Real is a YouTube character, co-maker and supervisor of the well known channel Just Kidding Films. She has as of late wedded her associate, Casey Chan; they are both raising Tiffany’s child, Isaac, from her past relationship.
Early life and family
Tiffany Del Real was born on 29 November 1990, in San Francisco, California USA – her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she holds American nationality. Tiffany was the lone offspring of her folks, who separated from when she was seven years of age. Her mom, who is a model, later sent her to live with Tiffany’s dad, as she needed to deal with her three youngsters from her new marriage, and keep filling in as a model simultaneously. Tiffany’s dad is a business direct in Mexico, and had five youngsters in his new relationship, so Tiffany before long comprehended she was simply one more kid he would need to deal with in his large family. So she chose to carry on with a free life and discovered her first work in the age of 15. As her dad moved a great deal when she lived with him, she once changed six urban areas in a single year, and by and large she needed to move in excess of multiple times, which was depleting for the little youngster. Tiffany shares that her folks’ separation caused her to endure a ton; she confronted discouragement, uneasiness and fits of anxiety.
Instructive foundation
Tiffany needed to change schools much of the time, and it was quite difficult for her to make companions. Tired of becoming acquainted with such huge numbers of outsiders, Tiffany decided to finish off everyone, and didn’t confide in anybody for a significant stretch of time. In any case, this wasn’t totally the situation, as she registered in 2008 and that year brought forth her child, Isaac.
Tiffany joined Just Kidding Films YouTube channel after an occasion they held in Los Angeles. The group welcomed Tiffany to turn into the essayist and on-screen character for the fundamental channel, and two different channels which Tiffany assisted with making and create – Just Kidding News and Just Kidding Party. As an on-screen character, she showed up in around 25 recordings on the primary channel Just Kidding Films. In the start of 2014, she showed up in her sweetheart’s short film “Weapon Fu”. In November 2014 she was welcome to show up in one of the scenes of the famous TV show “Access Hollywood”, and afterward showed up in another scene of the show in July 2015, just as in another TV narrative arrangement “Inside Edition” around the same time. Tiffany handled the job of Sophie in the short parody film “My K-Pop Boyfriend” (2017), at that point played Darlene “By they way I Became an Adult” (2018). She could be found in Amber Liu’s music video “Others”, the video posted in November 2019, and starting at mid 2020, it has increased more than 4,000,000 perspectives and checking. Starting at 2020, Tiffany holds the situation of the maker of Just Kidding Films, and other little girl channels of the establishment. She likewise acts in some ongoing scenes of her YouTube shows, and deals with promoting and the PR of the brand.
Individual life, spouse Casey Chan. It is safe to say that he is the dad of Tiffany’s child?
Tiffany met her future spouse, Casey Chan when she began working for Just Kidding Films, as Casey was one of the innovative makers of that YouTube channel. They dated for a long time before getting occupied with 2016, and the couple wedded on the fifth commemoration of their relationship on 19 May 2017, in a private function in Los Angeles to which just relatives and dear companions were welcomed. Tiffany wore a customary Chinese wedding dress of red and gold hues, and they incorporated a tea function for visitors as one of the primary pieces of the wedding. As indicated by the old Chinese convention, Tiffany and Casey were on their knees and offered the tea for Casey’s folks first (and Casey’s mom skilled Tiffany their family relic – a brilliant arm band), and afterward to Tiffany’s mom, who additionally complimented the love birds. At the point when the conventional Chinese part was finished, Tiffany changed her dress to the exemplary white, and the festival proceeded. Later they praised their first wedding commemoration in Paris. Tiffany’s child Isaac was conceived on 12 January 2008. She has never shared any data on his dad – Casey is clearly not Isaac’s organic dad, be that as it may, they evidently manage everything well. In the wedding video Tiffany said that she knew too well what it resembled to grow up without a dad close by, so she was exceptionally cheerful Isaac presently has such a stage father as Casey. Isaac really parted with the lady of the hour to Casey, strolling down the passageway with his mom.
“Tiff and Case” family YouTube channel
Tiffany and Casey began their family YouTube channel entitled “Spat and Case” in 2016 – the channel was already Tiffany’s, so they renamed it and started transferring routine recordings of their excursions, cooking, relaxation time, and so forth. Starting at 2020, their channel has in excess of 325,000 supporters. Among their most well known recordings there are “At last Some Extra Help” (a supported video with 1.8 million perspectives), wherein Tiffany and Casey share the updates on their house keeping partner – a robot cleaner; their video “Will You Marry Me? (Proposition Video)” additionally got quite well known (1.3 million perspectives).
Who is Casey Chan?
Casey Winghoe Chan was born on 6 May 1988, in Dallas, Texas USA – his folks are of Chinese plummet, who moved to the US in late ’80s. Casey moved on from Full Sail University, situated in Orlando, Florida, where he concentrated in the movie school to turn into an expert chief and producer. He was an understudy at “The Institute”, Michael Bay’s creation organization, in which Casey figured out how to get mainstream on YouTube, and what sort of recordings he ought to make to get generously compensated. Starting at 2020, he is the maker of Just Kidding Films and all branch channels of the brand.
Side interests, most loved things and intriguing realities
Tiffany’s better half is susceptible to hounds, so they have two felines, Zo and Maya, and a snake named Pickle. Tiffany thinks she is an audacious as she has attempted such a large number of risky games, for example, skydiving (which she considers the best experience she had in her life), parasailing, fly skiing, and so on. She even swam with dolphins and embraced with an octopus she found in the sea while she was swimming. Tiffany shared she had striking dreams since she was a youngster, clearly resting on her back not to have bad dreams, as she saw she got a great deal of them when she dozed on her side or face down. Tiffany once shared a great reality about her shaving some portion of her foreheads when she was in her third grade – she needed to look more established and didn’t figure out how to change her appearance in the correct manner.
She additionally once said that she feared sparklers, as she had her first sparkler when she was 11 years of age, and was terrified of it. Tiffany is an enthusiast of lip ointments, so she has a lot of them she takes wherever she goes. She additionally has a major assortment of gift magnets she puts on the ice chest; each time she heads off to some place she hasn’t been previously, she purchases a magnet there and takes it home. Tiffany’s preferred number is three. Her preferred artist is Michael Jackson. Tiffany’s preferred cooking is Mexican. As Casey is oversensitive to different nourishments – tomatoes, dairy items, mushrooms – they attempt to cook new dishes and taste new food sources, checking if Casey has an unfavorably susceptible responses, with the goal that he can partake in what they cook together.
Tiffany has long normally dull earthy colored hair which she prefers passing on different hues, particularly blue and pink. She additionally shared that she needed to utilize different hair items to keep her head from day by day washing, as water made the splendid shades of her hair washed away. Tiffany has dim earthy colored eyes, yet she delighted in wearing green contact focal points. She is 5ft 4ins (1.62m) tall and weighs around 112lbs (51kgs); her indispensable measurements are 32-24-33.
Total assets and compensation
Starting at 2020, Tiffany’s total assets is assessed to be around $1 million. She wins up to $1,600 per supported post on her Instagram account. Concerning her significant other, Casey Chan, his total assets is assessed to be around $26 million.

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