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(Virabhadrasana II) Warrior 2 Pose Benefits

The warrior 2 yoga present is more of a propelled augmentation of the Triangle present. The warrior 2 posture benefits are especially similar to those given by the Triangle present, alongside the extra advantage of the fortifying of the muscles of the thigh and leg.

Warrior 2 yoga present directions:
Stand upstanding with the feet around 3 feet separated or one leg’s length separated.

Turn the correct foot out by 90 degrees and the left foot in toward the privilege roughly 30 degrees.

While breathing in, the arms ought to be loosened up from the shoulders so the body frames a T.

Twist the correct knee, and structure a correct edge with the thigh and calf.

Be cautious that the knee doesn’t stretch out over the correct foot. Keep the left leg straight, draw in the muscles and ground the underside of the left foot on the floor.

With the head turned look over the correct hand. Hold the shoulders down and clear of the ears.

Curve the abdomen as the upper middle is turned to one side. The correct lower arm can be set on the correct thighbone on the off chance that it feels progressively great. The left arm stays opposite to the floor. The head is gone to one side and gaze toward the lifted left hand.

The correct hand can be brought down onto a yoga obstruct as you become more grounded.

The left arm is raised straightforwardly over the privilege and held for a few breaths.

The chest area and afterward the correct leg is fix, and the arms at that point brought down to the side.

The feet are turned the contrary way and the posture at that point rehashed on the opposite side.

Warrior 2 Pose Benefits:
Stretches and fortifies the legs, feet and lower legs

Animates absorption and the stomach organs

Stretches the hips, crotch, shoulders and chest

Mitigates spinal pain, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy

Lifts focus and stamina

Opens the lungs

Remedial for osteoporosis, level armada, sciatica and carpal passage disorder

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