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‘Virginity Tests’: A Gynecologist Sets the Record Straight

Society has set a confused accentuation on a young ladies’ immaculateness (yet, once in a while a youngster’s – yet that is an alternate post all together). Numerous individuals accepted (and still do) that a “solid” hymen was verification a lady had not had sex. Be that as it may, what precisely is a hymen and does it truly mean anything for it to be “flawless”?

What is a hymen?
The hymen is a meager layer or overlap of tissue at the vaginal opening between the labia and the vagina. It has a focal opening, however it is smaller than the distance across of the vagina. The hymen fills no medicinal need; it is essentially a leftover from embryological advancement of the vagina.

Hymen variations from the norm
Much like labia, there is a wide variety in hymen thickness and shape, with up to 10% of young ladies brought into the world with some kind of variation from the norm. A few ladies are brought into the world with no hymen by any means. Others have no opening at all or such a little opening, that solitary menstrual blood can get away. In the event that a young person can’t embed a tampon, they ought to be brought to a gynecologist for a test. On the off chance that the hymen is excessively tight, once in a while it tends to be treated with a vaginal dilator to push gradually extend it to an ordinary size. On the off chance that there is no opening at all or the opening is excessively little, it might require medical procedure to fix it. A few ladies can likewise have a hymenal band, where the tissue structures two little openings with a thicker band of tissue that isolates them. These hymenal groups can cause issues if a high schooler utilizes tampons, however are genuinely simple to expel precisely.

Does an unblemished hymen make you a virgin?
None of the gynecology reading material have list a medicinal meaning of “virginity.” Much like sex, the definition can be abstract. On the off chance that the hymen is flawless, it is improbable that a lady has had vaginal intercourse with a penis. However, in the event that it’s not flawless, there can be numerous different reasons. The most widely recognized one is from tampon use. After some time, particularly in young ladies with heavier stream, the hymen can be gradually extended from embeddings and evacuating tampons. Self-incitement, which is a typical piece of sexual improvement, can prompt an extended hymen. Furthermore, as referenced prior, a few young ladies are conceived without a hymen.

In our security cognizant society, we keep applications on their telephones that disclose to us where they are consistently, we check their online life to ensure they aren’t being harassed (or tormenting) and we can even arbitrarily medicate test them on the off chance that we have doubts; however we truly can’t “vagina check them” for virginity. It’s belittling, off base, and exploitative.

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