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When Anu Aggarwal threw a journalist out for asking about her sexuality

Anu Aggarwal as of late opened up on how news stories demolished her relationship. She likewise opened up on how one writer inquired as to whether she is a lesbian for she was companions with gay people.

Anu Aggarwal as of late opened up on how the business never truly approached craftsmen with deference and were simply desirous and elevate on-screen characters who had a place with families having a place with the business. The on-screen character said that she identified with the battle that Sushant Singh Rajput looked as she needed to experience a similar when she had made her introduction in the business. As of late, the Aashiqui entertainer opened up on how media turned her own life hellfire by printing bogus tales about her.

“I was known as the sweetheart of the media when I rose to notoriety. It was a sweet term to utilize however a great deal of poop was composed as well. They were contacting my own life also. They would compose everything without exception, ‘gracious my god, she sniffled, she was out alone, she lit a cigarette there and she is engaging in extramarital relations’. In this way, such stories beginning coming in and it influenced my own life. My beau left me asking what’s going on. They began connecting me with different folks and I resembled, what do I do? Back then, we didn’t have online life. We didn’t have a word called a star, in those days we were reliant on press and whatever they composed turned into our existence,” Anu conceded. She stated, “However I chose to treat everything with humor,” the entertainer told Pinkvilla.
Anu reviewed the occurrence when once a columnist believed that she was a Lesbian. “One columnist went to my home and suggested on the off chance that I was a lesbian since I had gay companions. She was humiliated to try and inquire as to whether I was a lesbian. I stated, my life, my sexuality is mine, it is my right to discuss it yet in the event that they are going to pass judgment on me, I requested that her get out. I simply don’t care for individuals distorting me.”
The on-screen character said that the entirety of this influenced her perspective on adoration and she got critical about it. “Truly, I did in light of the fact that I felt that Rick knows me, please, he should realize that media is composing junk. In the event that he will begin trusting it, at that point does he truly adore me? What is love? I was truly harmed and would shout out a ton. In this way, indeed, the trust issues and all made me skeptical.”

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