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Why You Should Stop Storing Medications in the Bathroom?

As a drug specialist, I recoil when individuals reveal to me they keep their meds in the washroom – it’s presumably the most exceedingly terrible spot in your home to store prescriptions. Because your restroom has a drug bureau doesn’t imply that it’s a smart thought to store your meds there. You should put your prescriptions in the carport or your vehicle, or leave them outside.

Here are three generally excellent reasons why you ought to never keep your meds in the washroom:

Restrooms are damp:
Most pills, tablets, and containers are intended to be taken with water – not just on the grounds that water causes you wash the medicine down, yet additionally in light of the fact that it actuates the drug. Water is the initial phase in getting your oral prescriptions to break up so the drug can do something amazing in your body. Putting away your prescriptions in a damp domain makes your drugs less viable by beginning this procedure before you put the medicine in your mouth.

High stickiness can change the science of your drugs:
Regularly separating them into various substances. Ever seen how headache medicine scents like vinegar when it gets old or you leave it in the washroom? That is on the grounds that it separates into vinegar when presented to stickiness or it’s obsolete. Yuck.

Restrooms get H-O-T:
Except if generally noted, most drugs ought to either be put away at or a couple of degrees underneath room temperature. Washroom heat – like hot showers or the warmth from your blow dryer – can debilitate prescriptions and abbreviate their time span of usability.

So what makes for a decent area to store your prescriptions?

The territory ought to be dull and get practically zero daylight.

The territory ought to be cool. A temperature scope of 68-77 degrees is best for most prescriptions that don’t should be refrigerated or solidified.

Temperatures should be commonly steady. You would prefer not to store your meds in a spot where they can get overheated, for example, a window (or a restroom).

The territory ought to have low stickiness.

On the off chance that kids are in the home, the capacity territory ought to be out of youngsters’ scope – and locate.

For drugs that are state of mind changing or addictive, the area ought to be secure.

Here are a few instances of good places to store your drugs:

A lockbox (if youngsters are in the house)

The end table or end table cabinet. These areas make it simpler to make sure to take your prescriptions since they’ll be among the main things you find in the first part of the day and before you rest.

The kitchen wash room. Simply ensure the storeroom is away from the kitchen machines that get hot.

A bookshelf.

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